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Stepping Stones

This TESL game is for question and answer structures and should be done in pairs. This game also gives the students the chance to earn points on an individual basis.

Time: 2-3 minutes for each pair of students

Materials: Flashcards.

Lay your flashcards in a line on the floor and invite two students up to the front of the class. The students then walk up the line of flashcards going through the questions and answers related to the flashcards in alternate order. The students score one point for each card completed successfully e.g.

Student one:“What’s that?”Student two: “It’s a book.” (1 point)

Student two: “What’s that?”

Student one: “It’s a chair.” (1 point)

Student one:“What’re they?”

Student two: “They are rulers.” (1 point)

If one of the students is unable to say the correct vocabulary then they sit down and another pair repeats the process.

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