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Stand Up and Sit Down

Materials needed: Flashcards

This TEFL activity is very simple and is useful for checking comprehension after drilling. This game is only suggested if the two teams are made up of equal numbers.

Set the students up in two teams and get the teams to line up in rows. The teacher is to walk up the middle of the two teams and show the flashcards to each member in turn. The student that is shown the card should then say what is on the card and if necessary should also say the correct structure. This should be done with the correct pronunciation. If the student is successful then he os she ia able to stay standing. If the student is incorrect or uses bad pronunciation then he or she should sit down on the floor where they are standing, and remain sitting until the end of the exercise.

When the teacher has shown the flashcards to all of the students and they have all had the chance to take part in the activity the teacher then allocates one point (see point system explained) for each student standing. For example, if team A has two students left standing then team A is awarded 2 points. If team B has three students left standing then team B is awarded 3 points. Repeat the process until the majority of the students have a good command of the vocabulary or structure.

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