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Running Fetching Game

This is yet another EFL game that is really simple. Thicker, stronger flashcards are recommended as they will be more durable. This game is suitable as a listening and speaking activity

Time: 5-15 minutes

Materials: Flashcards

After drilling the appropriate vocabulary, line the students up in teams at one end of the classroom (this ESL activity works better if you have a large classroom). The teacher then places the flashcards on the floor in random order. The teacher then calls out the vocabulary on one of the cards, e.g. “rabbit” and then a student from each team (at the same time) races to find the correct flash card. When the student finds the appropriate card they then give it to the teacher and say the appropriate word or sentence. Emphasis here, is placed equably on their correct pronunciation, as it is on recognizing the word. Then a point is awarded.

Note: If two students pick up the same flashcard at the same time, the best way to decide the winner is to use the rock, paper scissors method.

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