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Flash and Catch

This is probably the most simple ESL games and requires no materials, other than flash cards and most of you will have these. If you do not have flashcards, then visit our flashcard section where you can print flashcards for free.

Time: 10-15 mins.

Materials: Flashcards

Set your classroom up so that the teams are lined up in rows:







The student is shown the flashcard briefly, and if he/she says the target vocabulary then you throw the card to the student at the back of the line. If they manage to catch it then they get one point. So if student T1A is shown a card with a rabbit on it and he says “rabbit” with good pronunciation then the teacher would throw the card to T1D who would then have to catch it. The teacher would then move to Team 2 and repeat the process with a different card. After the teacher has repeated the process with team 3 the students should change positions.


1) If you are doing questions and answers, then it could go up the line, for example: T1A: “What’s your name?” .. T2A: “My names’s Nat.” After this has been completed then the card is thrown.

2) Instead of throwing the cards over the students heads to the last student, you can throw it at shoulder level. This means that the students must duck to avoid the card or get hit by it (softly of course). Note: It is not suggested to do this unless your cards are very light and have no sharp edges.

3) Another alternative is, that if the individual fails to catch the card points could be deducted and/or the teacher awards him/herself a point.

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