ESL Employment

If you search the net for web sites that are dedicated to ESL jobs, you will probably see listed at number 1. Well unfortunately it appears that eslemployment appears to be completely useless and completely dedicated to making revenue. ESL Employment is extremely advertising heavy. When you get to the index page you are immediately confronted by a pop-up ad asking you to sign up for their ESL Employment newsletter. I don't know about you but there is nothing more annoying than pop-up adverts and while the idea of a newsletter can be somewhat appealing the reality is not quite as useful. I actually joined up for the newsletter, just out of curiosity. What I then received in my email was a series of letters telling me how I could find that dream job if I just clicked on the link and and bought something. I mean, c'mon.

ESL Employment seems to be all about money. Don't get me wrong, I understand that it takes a lot of work and dedication to build and maintain an ESL web site. I can understand why ESLemployment would like to make money from their site but where is the hidden love and passion for teaching that surely lies in us all. If you look at Dave's ESL Cafe, there is a lot of money being made but you can tell that it was originally built because Dave Sperling has a passion for teaching. The users of the site also have this passion. If you then look at ESL Employment it lacks something. I even have doubts whether the owner is a teacher or just someone trying to make a quick buck.

One thing that does have to it's advantage is quite a large number of positions in Korea. I have looked around ESL Employment and their other sections seem to be rather slim in content.

All in all, ESL Employment is not one of my favorites.

ESL Employment