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As a teacher I would say that the most important resource for the EFL/ESL classroom are flashcards. Personally, I can't teach without them. Flash cards are essential (especially with young learners) and can be used along with our flashcard games to make your class a more productive and fun place to be.

The flashcards are currently available in colour with black and white cards coming soon.

We suggest that you stick them onto card and coat them for more durability.

The flash cards do not have the vocabulary written on them at this time but we will be offering this option in the future.

All of the flashcards are A4 size and we will be adding them in A5 size in the near future.

Alphabet Flashcards
Farm Animal Flashcards
Pet Animal Flashcards
Wild Aniamal Flash Cards
Bird Flash Cards
Free ESL FLashcards
Body Flashcards
IOnternal Organ Flash Cards
Classroom oblect TEFL Flashcards
Clothes Vocabulary cards
Flower Flashcards
Fuit Food Flash Cards Free
Food FLashcards - Meat
Snacks Flashcards Free Tefl Resources
Healthy Food Flashcards
Furniture in the home flash cards
Buildings in the City Flashcards
ESL Jobs and Occupations Flashcards
Make Up and cosmetic flashcards
People in a school Flashcards
EFL Flashcards - Musical Instruments
Toy Flashcards
Transport Flashcards for teaching English
Flashcards, p[ictures of different trees
Weather flashcards for teaching vocabulary
Zodiac - Star Sign - Pictures and flashcards


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