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This is a list of EFL/ESL flashcard games and activities, that can be used in the EFL/ESL classroom with the majority of structures and vocabulary. These ESL games are based around the use of flashcards. Most teachers will find flashcards to be the most important resource they can have in the classroom, especially with younger students. These ESL flashcard activities will help you use flashcards in a way that both you and your students will enjoy. Trust me, your kids will love you for them and will want to learn….. just so they can play the games and succeed.

The recommended way to use these games is to first, drill the appropriate vocabulary or structure and then use the games as a way for the students to practice what they have learned, whilst having fun at the same time. These games work best with students aged between 4 and 13 years of age. They can also be used with older EFL/ESL students, but great care should be taken when suggesting these activities, as some older students may not appreciate the idea of playing EFL games, while others may really enjoy them.

Additional materials

These may include:

Small, light rubber balls
Plastic bins/baskets
Hoopla ring
Indoor Basketball set
Blu-tac Time:


Most of these games should be used for approximately 10-15 minutes (lesson period permitting). These times may vary according to the level/ability of the students.

As teachers, you will know that children have a very short attention span, so you should try to vary and change the games as much as possible. At the first sign of the students’ zest dwindling, change the game/activity.

These games can be easily and readily adapted to suit any area of learning requiring student reiteration against lesson content. They prove immeasurably beneficial in encouraging the growth of fluidity of conversation and toward the building of individual confidence. Whilst your classroom is in essence a learning environment, games bring jollity to it and make your classroom a fun place to be.

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