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Drawing Guessing Game

Time: 5-15 minutes

Materials needed: Whiteboard and marker.

Instructions: This game can be used as a drilling exercise, to review a previous lesson and is also useful for practicing yes/no questions (i.e. Is it a ball? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t)

After the appropriate vocabulary has been drilled both as a class and individually the teacher then starts to draw a simple picture on the board. As the teacher is drawing the picture the students should raise their hands and guess what the picture is.

When a student raises their hand the teacher should stop drawing and let the students have a guess. This should be done with yes/no questions if they have already been taught to the students. If a student guesses what the picture is but, is incorrect then another student gets the chance to guess. If no student is able to guess correctly then the teacher should continue with the drawing until a correct guess is made.

If the class is made up of older students then a student with a correct answer can come up and do the drawing, repeating the process. If the class is made up of younger learners then the process should be repeated by the teacher.

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