Dave's ESL Cafe

Dave's ESL Cafe is undoubtedly the most popular ESL web site in the world. To many people Dave Sperling is considered to be a bit of an ESL god. Most of Dave's ESL Cafe's success is due to the fact that Dave's ESL Cafe was one of the first ESL web sites to appear.

Dave's ESL Cafe was started way back in 1995 by a guy called Dave Sperling. In the last ten years, Dave's ESL Cafe has grown and become popular with ESL/EFL teachers around the world.

Dave's ESL Cafe probably advertises more ESL teaching positions than any other web site in the world and is free to use by ESL teachers searching for a job. The downside to Dave's cafe is the large number of recruiters that use it to advertise teaching positions. I personally like to avoid recruiters whenever possible and prefer to deal with schools directly. With the high cost of advertising on the site it is not too much of a surprise that schools are reluctant to advertise.

Dave's ESL Cafe is fairly easy to use although it could be a bit more user friendly. Dave's ESL Cafe also has a vibrant and informative ESL discussion board which is especially useful for teachers seeking advice about teaching English in Asia. I have heard complaints that the moderators can at times be quite anal and seem to enjoy banning people from the ESL Cafe Job Forum, especially if users decide to complain about a company that advertises with Dave's ESL Cafe.

Dave's ESL Cafe