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Board Memory Game

Materials: Flashcards, whiteboard (or something that you can stand your flashcards on).

Instructions: After drilling all of the vocabulary on the flashcards, the teacher should then place all of the flashcards on the marker holder (the shelf on the white board that is in place to hold all of your markers) in a line so that all of the flashcards can be seen.

The teacher should then re-drill the vocabulary. After the teacher has re-drilled the vocabulary he/she should turn one of the cards over and then go along the line of flashcards again with the students saying what is on each card, including what is on the card that has been turned over so that the students are unable to see what is on that card but, are able to say what is on that card.

The process is then repeated until all of the cards are turned the wrong way up. By this time all of the students should be able to say what is on each card even though they are unable to see the pictures on each card.

This EFL memory game is useful for drilling new vocabulary in the ESL, EFL and TEFL classroom.

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