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Basketball Game

This ESL game is very simple but it is also very successful in the classroom. There are a few variations that will make this game even more exciting and competitive.

Time: 10-20 Minutes.

Materials: Flashcards, balls and baskets of various sizes.

Set your students up in rows, make sure that they are all evenly spaced out. The rules are quite simple, if the student at the from of the teams line says the correct vocab or structure then they get the chance to throw the ball in the basket. If they succeed then they score points. If they are incorrect then the teachers moves onto the next team and repeats the process.


1) You can use more than 1 basket, and use different sizes and make them worth a different amount of points depending on the difficulty e.g. Big basket = 1 point, medium basket = 3 points and small basket = 1 point. The student only has one ball so he/she must decide which basket to go for.

2) you can use multiple balls. for more details on this game go to: Multi ball basketball

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